Early Learning Curriculum: What Is the Best Curriculum Model?

Early Learning Curriculum: What Is the Best Curriculum Model?

Apr 01, 2022

Have you begun searching preschools for your kid and noticed that you have a wide variety of options before you? You might be overwhelmed with the sheer number of preschool models. Eventually, the difference between each preschool curriculum model depends on the values and philosophies of the center.

You will likely have an easier time is anyone which preschool curriculum is suitable for your child when you try to understand the values and philosophies behind the many familiar preschool models. It helps if you remember that preschool is about helping your child develop a love for learning in the best way for them.

What Are Curriculum Models?

Most curriculum models refer to the stuff children learn in schools and classrooms. It is generally the content but what matters is the planning put into the subject matter by the center. Curriculum models have objectives, goals, assessments, and sequencing. Schools and districts create curriculum guides in a framework detailing what, how, and when instruction occurs. The objective of a curriculum guide is to provide educators with a uniform methodology to ensure all students have equal opportunities to learn.

Key Curriculum Components

Key curriculum models are organized into three significant components: objectives, subject matter, and learning experience.

Objectives are generally mentioned in terms of expected outcomes. Stating objectives for learning helps children think about how they can achieve each goal through the content or subject matter they learn.

The term learning experience is not similar to the subject matter or the activities performed by the teacher. It is the experience between the learner and the external conditions in the environment to which they react. Learning happens to the dynamic behavior of the child.

How to Choose?

When choosing an early preschool curriculum for your child, you might find it challenging to select from any specific school because most claim they can offer the best early learning curriculum. However, it would help if you concentrated on getting your child to develop healthy, strong, happy, successful, et cetera.

The HighScope preschool learning curriculum is an academic-style preschool model designed to engage children through participatory learning. This model aims to develop an academic foundation besides the life skills like communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. This research-based approach focuses on the development indicators of every child to ensure teachers monitor the child’s progress towards development and learning goals.

The teachers at the Early Learning Center interpret the child’s needs by choosing age-appropriate activities to guide the basics of running in math, reading, and science. The infrastructure in these preschools is well organized, having both reading and writing centers with a consistent routine. Specific to HighScope is the play do review structure where children are allowed to choose an activity, plan a goal to achieve, and work with teachers to understand the results.

The early Learning Center you choose for your child must have a curriculum backed by years of research to provide a fun and playfield adventure. It is your responsibility to ensure that the teachers of the Learning Center are well-trained to use the curriculum to its maximum potential.

Choosing an early learning curriculum for your preschooler will not seem overwhelming when you visit a center that allows you to bring your child to learn to live. Children find it easier to learn the lessons imparted when they receive the same kind of care at the center of their home.

The Learning Center invites parents to participate in classroom activities and holds periodic workshops and discussion groups to help parents understand the actions of their children. In addition, the participation sessions allow parents to create a similar atmosphere at home, helping the child to learn faster.

Early Learning Curriculum in Preschool Provides Return on Investment

You will likely not think of a return on investment when considering your child’s preschool education. However, researchers confirm that a high-quality early children’s education offers economic benefits of up to 1.5 times than what you could achieve from the stock market. As a result, early childhood education returns approximately 13 percent compared to 10 percent on the stock market over lengthy periods.

If you want your child to benefit from early preschool learning and develop healthy and prosperous, the MBS Kids Early Learning center is the one you must choose for your child.

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