What Are The Different Types of Preschool Curriculum?

What Are The Different Types of Preschool Curriculum?

Aug 03, 2022

Is the twinkle of your eye growing up making it essential to search for a preschool? You have plenty to consider when choosing preschool curriculum programs for your kid. However, you can get confused if you are unfamiliar with the different preschool curricula. To prevent confusion and help you in your search, we have put together a list to make it easier for you to decide.

Besides logistics, the most significant differentiator between different schools is the type of program they offer. You would have to consider the location and the cost plus many variables when deciding.

Types of Preschool Curriculum: What Parents Should Know?


The Montessori technique uses an approach to learning developmentally by allowing your child to work on skills and their own pace. The teachers are identified as guides on the student is referred to as work. The learning is hands-on, focusing on social and practical skills. Plenty of knowledge occurs through unique Montessori toys and tools such as puzzles and blocks. Classrooms focus on building a community of learners aged differently who support each other.


Focusing on the child’s spirit, soul, and body is the approach of the Waldorf preschool curriculum. They have a homelike setting encouraging hands-on play-based learning to uncover your child’s strengths and abilities. The Waldorf approach excludes media, including computers, video, or electronics, besides not involving conventional academics. For example, children are not taught to read in preschool because the Waldorf approach teaches reading in the first grade.


Student’s days consist of hands-on experiences in organized classrooms with consistent everyday routines in the HighScope preschool curriculum. The program focuses on academics based on research on the child’s development. The HighScope curriculum has a research-based approach called participatory learning.

It uses a plan-do-review sequence, and before starting any activity, children create and express a plan on what they are setting out to do, who they will do it with, and how it will proceed. After completing the activity, the child reviews it to understand how it went and take ownership of the learning process.

Bank Street

The Bank Street technique is play-based and active learning through experience. The program based on child development research focuses on mental, emotional, and physical growth. The materials used in the classroom are basic and open-ended to encourage imagination, and the teacher is considered a facilitator. Lessons progress through hands-on activities like dramatic play, puzzles, blocks, and art.

Various programs do not prescribe one specific approach. Instead, they might offer the Waldorf-inspired curriculum. While the above programs are all different, you must ensure any preschool curriculum you select for your child must have plenty of opportunities for social skill development. Preschool is your kid’s first opportunity to become a contributing community member, including the emotional and social development that undoubtedly follow as the building blocks for future academic success.

Different Types of Preschool Curriculum in Houston

If you are a resident of Houston, you have access to different types of preschool curricula in this region. The preschool strengthens the foundation of knowledge in young children through their interactions with the environment, events, and people.

Preschool curriculum programs must allow children to work alongside adult children to encourage and inspire learning. Communicating verbally or nonverbally, sharing control with the kids, and treating them as partners are essential requirements.

The preschool in Houston values active learning and management and fills the classroom with diverse open-ended materials reflecting every child’s culture. In addition, the classrooms are organized to encourage independence and self-sufficiency among kids.

The preschool organizes everyday routines for children by composing them with a balanced variety of learning opportunities and rich experiences. Children receive opportunities to engage in individual and group play activities besides socializing and developing essential skills for success in school and later.

The preschool curriculum focuses on social and emotional development using unique approaches to learning. They also focus on physical health and development, teaching your child language and literacy, creative arts, mathematics, social studies, and science and technology.

The preschool understands that every child has a different pace of learning. Therefore they ensure their teachers leverage scaffolding methods to help all children achieve the goal of learning in every area.

MBS Kids Early Learning Academy focuses on children’s crucial developmental indicators to ensure it offers the best curriculum for your child during preschool. Kindly visit them on weekdays from Monday to Friday with your child when selecting a preschool for your kid.

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