What Do Parents Look For In A Summer Camp?

What Do Parents Look For In A Summer Camp?

Jul 07, 2022

The winter is almost gone past, and families are preparing to discard snowsuits for swimsuits. If you are considering enrolling your child in a summer camp, it is never too early to start researching the different programs, costs, schedules, and admission procedures.

When selecting a summer camp, word-of-mouth is a helpful resource. However, one family’s experience might not be the best catch for your child. Therefore we suggest you consider your child’s interest and improvement and start making a list of essential camp features.

Top Qualities Parents Look For in A Summer Camp For Children

Health and Safety

The health and safety of your child are of prime importance and require you to ask plenty of questions from the staff or management of the summer camp.

Some questions include:

  • Who licenses the base, and is the license valid?
  • Is there an illness exclusion policy?
  • Does the center follow the CDC policy besides state and local guidelines surrounding the Covid-19 health and safety protocols?
  • How does the summer camp accommodate children with special needs? Et cetera.

The answers provided by the summer camp management can help you determine whether your child is safe with the program or if you need further research.


A summer camp located far away in a distant location does not prove beneficial for children and parents alike. Therefore instead of looking for a summer camp promising a lot but is challenging to access is better ignored.

A better option is to select summer camps in Houston that offer similar or better facilities for children to enjoy their summer. It ensures your child can learn and relax at the summer camp while allowing you peace of mind knowing your child is in safe hands.

Activities (in Person and Virtual)

Sending your child to a summer camp without activities in person or virtual is similar to leaving them alone to pick and choose whatever they prefer.

Therefore, you must select a summer camp offering children action-packed and fun-filled activities. The summer camp, open for children between five and 12, provides various activities for children to enjoy.

Children have access to STEM classes, robotics, cooking classes, and team-building games, ensuring that your child has the best summer of their young lives.

Culture and Discipline

Culture and discipline are also important aspects of summer camps because children must not be allowed to do as they wish and must adhere to the requirements of the base. In addition, your child must receive the supervision and support they need to stay disciplined throughout the camp.

Determining the culture and discipline of the camp is challenging and requires you to ask questions from the staff or management to satisfy yourself that the chosen camp will care for your child in the best manner possible.

Questions You Can Ask Include:

  • What is the camp’s approach to discipline, and how do they resolve disputes between campers?
  • What is the camp’s policy regarding serious role infractions?
  • How do the counselors of the camp support children who are out of sorts or sad?
  • Can siblings interact with themselves during the day throughout the summer camp?
  • What systems do they have to keep track of every child?

How the camp helps first-time campers get oriented and comfortable with the program.

Besides the above, you can also inquire about the environment of the camp, asking where children can leave their belongings, how often children have access to hygiene products, does the camp use electronics or gaming systems, and what are the policies regarding electronics, is the environment safe to prevent children from leaving and strangers from entering, cleaning and sanitizing throughout the campgrounds, and whether spaces available for children to relax and have a quiet time.

No questions, including food choices, are excessive when selecting a summer camp for your child. You can inquire about whether the base provides food and a menu in advance if they do. You can also ask about snacks provided during the day and whether the camp has meals for children with allergies or special needs. You can enroll your child in a summer camp only after receiving satisfactory answers to all the above and any other questions you might have.

If you are looking for a summer camp for your child in Houston, MBS Kids Early Learning has a program that will satisfy your child’s needs and answer all your questions. Kindly contact our early learning center to give your child a great summer from a reputed facility.

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