Infant-Toddler Program

Infant Learning Program

How We Teach

Every child is unique in his or her own way. The very youngest learners are beginning to discover their own bodies. They are learning to stand and walk while also developing fine motor skills to pick things up. As children advance and mature, they layer in new skills such as language, social skills, and conflict-resolution, just to name a few.

Not only do we understand this, but we also have it deeply ingrained into our curriculum. Our entire center is literally built around this concept.

We create a nurturing and friendly environment where infants, toddlers, and children feel safe to explore and learn. Our teachers and staff fill this environment with a rich diversity of age-appropriate games and activities for infants and toddlers.

In order to carry our philosophy beyond the classroom, we invite and encourage parents to visit and even to join us. Our expert teachers will share infant learning programs and resources you can practice at home with your youngster.

The programs for toddlers that we have will help instill the deepest foundation of active learning and holistic development.

small boy talking with his infant brother

Our Environment

Our modern, state-of-the-art center was purpose-built while keeping in mind both our children and our curriculum.

We created a safe space for children to play, explore, and learn. We also made it flexible enough that our professional teachers and staff can reconfigure rooms to suit the needs of the children in their care.


By interacting and partnering with the children under their care, our staff continuously assesses the strengths and needs of each child. This allows us to be responsive and to offer the best experience possible.

infant watching something

Schedules and Routines

Part of developing a sense of confidence and trust is having a predictable routine. From nap time to snack time to playtime, we ensure that every child’s day is well-rounded and structured in ways appropriate for their stage of development.

Adult-Child Interaction

Where necessary, or where a child’s safety is involved, our teachers stand ready to step in at a moment’s notice to lend a hand. However, children learn best by doing, even by making mistakes along the way. A core feature of our infant and toddler program is to allow children the freedom to experiment and explore.

Throughout the day, teachers will encourage critical thinking and rich language skills by asking students to explain the activities they are involved in. This deepens the learning process by offering kids the chance to do and also giving them the language they need to describe and teach it to others.

What We Teach

The world-class HighScope preschool curriculum forms the core and foundation of our lesson plans. This multi-layered, research-based curriculum emphasizes these six areas:

  • Approaches to Learning
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development and Health
  • Communication, Language, and Literacy
  • Cognitive Development
  • Creative Arts

Overall, the curriculum is meant to guide young minds and lay foundations that will last throughout their lifetimes.

By employing scaffolding strategies, teachers support and gently extend children’s learning.