Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

You want the best for your little one. You want them to grow up healthy, strong, happy, successful….

When it comes to getting them started on the right path academically, we have partnered with HighScope to offer the world-class standard in preschool teaching.

HighScope is designed specifically for a child-centered learning environment and takes a step-by-step approach to teach.

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Strong focus on the children.

Grounded in decades of research, HighScope turns to learn into a fun, play-filled adventure. All of our teachers are well-trained to use this curriculum to its fullest potential.

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Just some of what your child will learn

We lay a foundation of practical life skills such as decision making, cooperation, creativity, and problem-solving.

Not only will these skills help children do well in preschool, but they will also serve them throughout their entire lives.

Parents as Partners

We want to partner with you and other family members to bring your little one(s) learning to live. When children receive the same kind of experience at home as in our care, the lessons sink in deeper.

You, the parents, are invited to participate in classroom activities. We periodically host workshops and discussion groups to help you fully understand what your child does daily. This will allow you to mimic a similar approach at home.

Return on Investment

When thinking about your child’s preschool education, return on investment is probably one of the last things to cross your mind. Yet economics researchers at the University of Chicago and the University of Southern California performed a study in which they determined that a quality early childhood education offers economic benefits roughly equal to 1.5x what you could get from the stock market.

Over long periods, such as two to three decades, the US stock market historically returns about 10%. A quality early childhood education is estimated to return around 13% over the same period.

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