Science Week: August 16– August 20

Science Week: August 16– August 20

Whether you have a child that needs a boost in their science learning or a child that wants an opportunity to explore the field more, this week of our Houston summer camp is an ideal setting. Even if your little one has not shown an interest in science (measuring, mixing, predicting, etc.) before, this week is designed to ignite a spark in one of the four core areas of STEM learning.

Benefits of Science Camp in Houston

When your child visits us for this week of summer camp in Houston, they will be experiencing learning in a whole new way. Their innate curiosity will be rewarded during cause-and-effect activities, watching two materials come together to form something new, and more! Also, by learning what happens when something changes, they’ll use their language and other skills to understand what happens next. This is the last week of our summer camp near you, and it’s not one to be missed!

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